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I don't access my inbox

I have restrictions on my account not see or not send any incoming or outgoing messages. I contact with Fiverr support almost 30 hours elapsed still my message, setting is not restored. I don’t know why this happened. Any one guide me please what can I do? How to contact Fiverr to resolve this issue on a priority basis or as soon as possible.

Thank You

It sometimes takes Fiver a few days to reply back to you, so you will just have to wait.

If you have restrictions on your account, that could mean they are investigating to see if you did something wrong against the Terms of Use. Or maybe a buyer reported you and they are investigating or something. Did you do anything different recently?

Now I don’t do it, I am Level 2 seller and I know the Fiverr Rules and regulations

Thank You

So you didn’t send any messages to past buyers or anything like that recently? Sometime sellers go back and email all their past buyers to see if they need work and that can be considered spamming sometimes.

Anyway, you will just have to wait until you hear back from Fiverr. There is nothing anyone can do here in the forums.

Yes, I didn’t send or see any messages from new buyers. I have currently 5 to 6 messaging on my inbox so I didn’t reply it. If someone has reported that it is spam, then I think Fiverr must close the messaging only for this buyer not all of the fiverr incoming or existing buyers.
I hope you got my point, sir

Thank You