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I don't always get 10 orders in one day

… but when I do I brag about it.

Huzzah for reaching my second goal point on Fiverr! My first goal was 5 orders in one day, and since I first hit that it’s happened a few more times. But this is the first time I’ve hit 10 orders in one day. Yeahhh, sales :slight_smile:

Reply to @customrapsongs: Exactly, that is why I want limited orders only

Hello, Its really great news, If you have 5 orders per day before and now you have 10 orders per day.

Do work better with client satisfaction Earn good feedback, I am sure you get next level-2 soon.

Good Luck for your bright future in fiverr. :slight_smile:


webexpert1313 said: I am sure you get next level-2 soon.

Haha, I got level 2 at the end of February, the forum just hasn't updated my tag yet :)

Good news! Congrats!

Awesome @jamesbulls! I’d say a 10-order day is absolutely meme-worthy :slight_smile:

Reply to @jamesbulls: Wao !! That’s a great news. Then next goal is “Top rated Seller” :slight_smile:


Thats awesome! I remember one time, they placed my gig on the front page and I had a mega load of new orders! It did more bad then good actually.

without extras 50 euro a day, while having a daily job, making some badass money… In the gaming world that’s called “banking” congrats

I had my first sale yesterday, didn’t thougth anyone would buy from me because I’m so unserious… At first I even panicked a bit

"oh shit this is the real deal!"

ok fine… lucky

i am not getting 10 orders per day. How come ? not even 5 orders.

just get 1 - 2orders please any one can help ?

Reply to @customrapsongs: I love your contribution but you failed to tell us how it did more harm than good!

Reply to @cashstream: well It basically caused chaos in my workflow. my gig really is not designed to have 40+ queue. If I was selling a pre-made product like t shirts it would have been amazing. If I had a heads up I would have changed my gig delivery time. but waking up with that amount of orders in one day and having to deliver them in 5 days and many with express 24 hour rush was impossible. I used to get about 100 orders a month, so to receive 40% of the orders i get in a month all in one day was simply ridiculous in my opinion. I tried to explain to sellers that it will take a little longer because of my cue, some waited some cancelled, some i tried to cancel but they insisted on waiting, then they went ahead and cancelled anyway. Before i knew it my ratings had drop and i was at the bottom of my category and went from getting 100 orders a month to about 5 or 6 from repeat customers only!! Anyway, now I am back on here after giving up with my previous fiverr account. I DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT want more than 5 orders a day.

lovely story flying around here…and it is a good thing…but on the other hand, i do not enjoy such patronage here, as i had anticipated…what can i do to make at least 5orders per day…am in the graphic niche. thank you in anticipation

Reply to @customrapsongs: Egads, that sucks :frowning:

Thanks for all the kind compliments, folks :slight_smile: