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I don't always make $125 per day on Fiverr

… but when I do, I brag about it.

Hurray for Fiverr! I’ve been selling on Fiverr since February, and I’ve hit a lot of great milestones along the way - 5 orders in one day, 10 orders in one day, etc. - but today is the first day that I’ve cleared $125 in one day of work. I’m so stoked :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve really applied myself to learning how to make Fiverr work for me, and since I started in February of this year, I’m presently ranked #13 in my parent category among high-rated sellers and #9 in my sub-category among high-rated sellers. Fiverr works if you work it! I know there are some sellers making a lot more than this on a daily basis, but it’s still a great victory for me and I’ll take anything I can get. Huzzah!

Congratulationsssss, I like this one “Fiverr works if you work it!” it’s absolutely true, be calm, be nice, think and you will do great here :slight_smile:

CONGRATS! I am curious how you came up with:

jamesbulls said: I'm presently ranked #13 in my parent category among high-rated sellers and #9 in my sub-category among high-rated sellers.

Where did the ranking number come from?



That’s awesome @jamesbulls all the best!

Way to crush it jamesbulls!!! I am still trying to find the “perfect” gigs to offer the site so I can start rocking out like you my man.

Best Regards,



There must be more to the algorithm that Fiverr uses for ranking than your page placement hypothesis supports.

In your parent category #15 and #16 both have substantially more sales and better ratings than you. Why would they be lower on the list if this is a true ranking by placement on the page?

If your hypothesis is true I just want to figure out what the Fiverr “X” factor is?

@jamesbulls @thecreativeguys

I am now beginning to suspect that tags and keywords play a part in this.

When I checked “cartoon animation” and “animated cartoon” my two gigs ranked #4/#23 and #2/#17 respectively.

Curiouser and curiouser?

Reply to @anigrams: From my parent category. Since I posted this, I actually went up a bump to #12, as read from left to right.

Reply to @anigrams: And again, from my sub-category. I was #9, but since I posted this thread I actually went up to #8. Woot, woot :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @julipalmer7: And I got another $20 this afternoon after I posted this thread. Yaah, me!

Reply to @jamesbulls: Congrats! you are doing excellent. My amount of orders per day varies… the most I got was 12 orders in one day but on average I would say I get like 3 a day which I still very much appreciated!

The most I have every cleared in one work day would be $300 and that was today plus I just got my level 2 badge… so YUP I am having a great Saturday if I do say so myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work!

Reply to @emjayye: Yayayaya, you’re cleaning up, too :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @anigrams: I don’t know what the formula is, but I can tell you that I track my ranking religiously and this has been a steady march from the back-pages of my parent- and sub-categories to the front. Would be interesting if Fiverr would tell us, but I think they’re holding back to prevent people from gaming the system.

Reply to @anigrams: Your extremely right. It’s understandable to think like that, but, if you copy what he is doing and he is ranked #9 or whatever, then it just may be so.

If you type “fiverr cover” I’m ranked usually #1.

Reply to @jamesbulls: It would be interesting to find out, do you really thinks it’s a random pick?

Reply to @anigrams: This is one of those wild guesses, so don’t take too much from it. One thing I noticed when I compared James at #8 to his #9 competitor right now is that she has far more sales, but only around 4 deliveries in the past day (ish) and then 1 sale 4 days ago.

James has around 5 deliveries and then around 3 within the past 4 days.

One thing I noticed about my ranking is that I went into Vacation Mode on the fly during a crisis situation and immediately dropped by pages. When I came back and reactivated, I got a couple of sales from repeat buyers but nothing from new buyers. It was also at a time Buyer Requests was really screwed up so I had trouble generating new sales.

I think Fiverr really likes their produce (sellers) to be very fresh! They want organic crispy sales right off the vine. If you can supply that, it can make the difference in a ranking or 2 or 3. No, that wouldn’t account for the entire X factor but it matters and it generates more sales automatically as you rise higher in rankings and get more reviews.

I can tell for sure that number of sales alone means nothing if you haven’t delivered recently and it get worse. I see some “old” Top Rated Sellers that haven’t delivered in months but have thousands of actual sales. Some of those just keep falling in rankings which also affects their sales and it can go that way into perpetuity if nothing happens to change it.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: I’m dead certain that it’s not a random pick. The first of the three categories, “Recommended?” That’s a mish-mash of what they think you’ll like based on keywords and browsing history, but I know that it’s also one of the places that they rotate on a regular schedule to give exposure to new sellers.

The “High Rating” category is not random and from what I’ve seen it responds to direct traffic to the gig listing (proof of outside advertising, social advertising, etc.), communication and messages (action happening on the gig and quick response from the seller), and of course quantity and quality of orders (proof of work, duh.)

For example, when my guide of 32 tips and tricks got some attention from Fiverr, my profile impressions skyrocketed and my gig clicks got a big jump, too. This boosted my ranking in the system just from the traffic. And like today, after I processed all these orders, in a space of ~20 minutes my ranking went up.

Again, would be nice to have some answers directly from Fiverr how this works, but I don’t think they’re going to release those details, like… ever.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Yeah, fresh-ness - Fiverr does like busy, active sellers :slight_smile:

Reply to @anigrams: As far as keywords go, I always include one but sometimes two in my gig title gig description, and gig tags. I can’t confirm it, but I’ve seen people say on the forum that only tags matter for Fiverr’s search results. That might be true - I can’t disprove it - but computers don’t shop for gigs, people do, and their eyes go for gig titles that match the keywords they searched for. As for the gig description, well… no telling, really, but I have better luck when the title, description, and tags are matchy-matchy.