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I don't appear in all my used hashtags

I’m not sure if this is a bug or related to improve my gig, but I’ve this problem I just appear in 2 of my used hashtags but not the other 3

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Hey, be happy you show at all.

There are about 3,000,000 other Fiverr users saying the same thing.

That’s a lot of competition.

Concentrate on improving the skills you have, create more Gigs related to those skills and good luck.

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but I meant if you check these hashtags, I’m not in the first page or something you need to narrow it down, but I use 2 specific hashtags 1 has like 9 gigs and the other is less than 30 but I don’t show in both of them which I thought strange!

I understood what you said.

Fiverr does something they call a Gig Rotation.

That means your Gigs will move around just like mine will.

It gives us all a chance to be on Page 1, 2 or 50.

It’s a fair way to give everyone exposure.

totally understand this and I think it’s a good thing for new sellers like me, but I mean I don’t appear in hashtags with just 10 other gigs! is this a part of the gig rotation?

Yeah, I’m waitin’ on my turn to be on page 50. They will be good times… :cake:

Honestly, I never even look at where my Gigs are. I’m sure they are on a page that might as well not have a number as so far all my work here has gone through a Custom Gig that I run for BR to minimize people claiming things in the Gig but not in the agreed job. Kinda poleaxes the individual Gigs. But TBH the things I land rarely fit tidily in the Gigs anyway.

This is another way of echoing @looseink that you are better served working on making and showing Good Work (special things) than worrying about Gig metrics - none of which get, or don’t get you good paying-customers.


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I do not appear in some categories for any of the words or tags or title of my gig. I put even exact word for word my gig title and I do not come up in search results.

that’s quite interesting, why though?!