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I don't appear in any searches


I have checked under narration and voice over , I don’t appear at all. How long does it take? anyone know?


You just open your gig in this month. Wait and see…
You will find many great tips and information


I have never seen anything like this. So as other people mentioned before in other topics for you, it will be better if you contact fiverr support and they will be able to fix this bug.


This could be the reasons or help you out…

1- You have to wait for a little if you just published your gig or even Edited it.
2- Make sure you have good TAGS, which is the most important thing, if not then change the tags.
3- Type your gig title/Tags used in your gig in the search and then check if your gig comes, If not then contact CS they will definitely let you know with a Screenshot that where your gig actually is.



If you’ve just recently put your gigs up, it can take a few days before you appear in the search.


Update: I heard from Support, they said I had to remove my e-mail. Yet, when I signed up they ask for e-mail. Of course now when I try to remove my e-mail it won’t let me.