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I dont appear in the first page of search anymore, after being there for nearly a year


i have been active as a seller since may 2019, since then i upscaled my work in the market research category that made me on the top of the search page since july 2019, i have 100% positive ratings on that gig, and i hit all marks to become a top rated seller but was not selected till now, i know its manual, but the problem that now i dont even appear in the first page of my category anymore !!

i thought when i get better, i should be more recognized and recommended by fiverr , if you compared my gig and work to others you will know the difference. i provide high ticket sales ranging from 650$ to 1500$ per sale, and i was continuously demanded for the past 6 month to provide high end Market research reports.

i have solid numbers all my ratings, on time deliveries , completion rates, no warnings and brining solid profit every month with no drawbacks. not being a top rated seller is ok with me (although i deserve it ) but being taken out from the first page of the search of my category after being there since last year is unfair, especially that my performance is getting better every month, i went from charging 20$ per report to 1500$ per report and i keep getting orders.

fiverr’s customer service is saying “Our goal is to ensure the best gigs are displayed when users use our search engine. For example, we do not display gigs that are not active, or from sellers who are on vacation, or from sellers who receive low ratings and reviews, etc. We consider a multitude of factors when displaying search results. The gig search position is based on our algorithm and Customer support can’t manually upgrade the gig’s search position.”

as if they are talking to a new seller, i kept on saying that i know that, and my performance is getting better, im always active and getting orders constantly , all my stats are 100% and overall rating of 4.9.


Well I’ve been on the first page for 6 years, and got removed, I can’t find it anywhere. Same situation as yours. They are promoting many other new gigs. There’s an influx of new orders coming due to the Covid thing, in my category there are hundreds of new gigs per day. So… we can’t do anything. The demand is low anyway…


If you read this thread, you will find that where you see your gig is not necessarily where others see it. So, maybe you were only on the first page when you looked for it, but not anyone else.


So maybe now that you had a whole year of being on the first page it’s time someone else had a chance there? After a year of that kind of exposure, you should have a good number of repeat clients and referrals. .
I don’t get the idea of people expecting to be one of the Chosen Ones forever.


Even if you are the very best of the best?

I see mostly newer gigs on the first page aside from one that is always there and always has been.


I dunno, I don’t really check results regularly any more but in the last couple of years it seems like gigs began being shuffled a lot more than they used to. I don’t know what ranking factors matter much any more. There was a short time when just having a really high ticket price was enough to get page one, even without any sales.
There have been other times when other things seemed to be important, like at one point I discovered that by delivering a gig very early - 1 day instead of 3 for example - that it would shoot me to the top for a period.
These were likely times when Fiverr were experimenting with different factors to see what would happen but it does seem to me to be less and less that factors have much influence.

Anyway, now that shuffling is a thing, I don’t get why people seem they could/should be exempt from it.

I see this as a standard go away please response because the reality is that customer support would not have any access to algorithm info.


Can you remember when you first joined Fiverr? There were gigs in your niche on the first page. Imagine that Fiverr left those gigs perpetually on the first page without giving your gig the exposure to grow? I am sure that by now you have come to terms with the fact that your gig got to the first page not because you were the best in your niche. it’s not even because of the revenue you were generating for Fiverr but because Fiverr was built in a way to give every seller an opportunity to grow. If you like take your prices back to $5 for your premium gig, the Fiverr algorithm can still take your gig back to the top during the next reshuffle.

So, take it easy and see it as Fiverr giving every gig a chance to shine.


I hope fiverr could be more dynamic in their algorithm. By valuing the good sellers which deserve to be on first pages, and by giving a chance to others.

This shuffling is too aggressive. It doesnt help sellers to maintain a certain performance of impressions. It’s almost a all or nothing. There isn’t a middle term


as i said, i did manage to take advantage of that, i fulfilled the top rated seller requirements in 5 month , and i my sales were skyrocketing , all with positive reviews. i now charge 650-1500$ per sale and i get 5-10 each and every single month.
i dont want to be from the chosen ones as you say, i expect to be treated in accordance with my performance, and mine is getting better and better

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i understand, but why do i see top rated sellers that dont leave their spot in the first page, in my case there is only one top rated seller in my category and he doesnt get orders, i always check my competition. and he even doesn’t fall correctly under that category.

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OK. In this time when 12000000 that is 12 million people around the world has lost their job in just past 15 days and that number is just going to go up, saying that you have minimum income per month of 600$ is a paradise for them. I lost my job, that is why I am here. And maybe 70% of people who applied to Fiver in the past 15 days are just like me, trying to make the best of the current situation. When COVID passes I will get back to my work, but most of the people do not have a job to return to the plus the economy is going to suffer long after COVID is cleared. I am doing Fiverr as one of the 12 jobs I do in a day. That is just because of my skills in different fields. I have a friend who lost his job and he only has one skill. He is perfect in that skill, but now nobody needs his services. I respect that you are probably accustomed to life with 1200$ in your pocket, but now we are facing bigger problems and we just need to think how to pull through. You are not being punished. Others are getting a chance. Do you know that with your 1500$ a family of 4 can live 2-3 months no worries (Europe), and in some countries a year?


Me either, once I discovered that my gigs appear on different pages according to who is viewing them, I think there are more valuable ways to spend my time.

I look at my conversion rate, which appears on the home page of the Fiverr app. I have found it to be a better predictor of how well I will do. I have noticed that when it is low, I do not get many orders; however, when it begins to rise, I get more orders from new buyers.

It puzzles me too.

How long has this been going on? Maybe it is because of your last review?


all my reviews are positive, 100% on all stats and 4.9 rating. nothing changed and i have open orders.

i respect what you are saying , and i hope the best for everyone suffering from this hard time. im grateful of what i have, i just wanted to know why this happened as it doesn’t make sense.

It happens to most sellers who’s ever been on the first page. It’s been discussed to death. Let it go.


new gigs deserve being in the first page so that they can experience the fiverr love

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@loaloariad, why are you having 4.9 rating if all you reviews are 5 star


i said positive reviews not 5 stars, 4 stars is a positive rating too

@loaloariad But if you have orders, why do you want to be on the first page? If you have orders that bring you enough money, then others who do not have orders could be on the first page? What would be the point of putting someone who has orders to deliver and in the queue to be on the first page?


that’s how things work on fiverr, if you are performing well and your stats are very good, you will be in the first page of the search. that’s what the customer service tells everyone , my simple question is that why i was removed while my performance is getting better.

every leveled seller will tell you how it was hard to become successful on fiverr, we took lots of underpaid orders to get positive ratings, we dealt with so many annoying buyers and had to comply with their requests no matter what to avoid a bad review or an order cancellation. all with paying ads on social media platforms and google ads to get traffic to your gig. so we worked hard to get there, and its not fair to be removed without an obvious reason, fiverr told me that my performance is not good any more which it didnt.

Anyways, im not disputing with anyone , i just wanted to know if other rated sellers have the same problem and what advice they can give.

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