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I don't beleive what i saw!

I don’t believe what i saw !!

I seen a Featured Gig ribbon on New Gig - Which have 0 rating feedback and seller are also new. The most amazing thing - That gig is not unique in any way.

If new sellers can get Featured gig option easily then We are “FOOL” here to working from 3 years and never get Any Featured Gig in our 3-4 year fiverr career!

Is that gig is Unique? I don’t think so!!

So I don’t believe what i saw !! - Fiverr guys, How they can provide featured option for New sellers
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My intention is nothing wrong about this seller. I congratulates her for getting Featured Gig Option too early - She must be Lucky or Fiverr Gifted girl!!

I just want fare opportunity for every seller!!

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Show us the screenshot please! So we can look into it!


Fiverr do allow to show that user screenshot here? is that will not violation?

If that is not violation - I will show here.

I’m just aware about violation :slight_smile:

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i can do what ever it takes to make my gigs Featured Gigs :cry: and you are telling me that a new seller got it for nothing :fearful:

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Please send a screenshot of that or a link.

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I have included screenshot in my post

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I don’t see anything great about that gig.

I’ve seen lots of featured gigs that are not good. So it remains a mystery.

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When you saw Featured gig - That means lot. Featured gig do get best ranking in search result auto and more benefits.

It’s most probably a bug. I’ve seen this one time while I was browsing and after a while/refreshed page/tried new browser it disappeared.
It doesn’t appear to show up in the recommended page along with the other featured gigs.

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:scream: is these kind of Bug running on fiverr?

I’ve done some research on that seller. Unlike so many meksell “graphic designers” who just steal stuff from the Internet and try to sell it as unique and original design, she seems to be the real deal, an award winning designer who has worked with some big names already.

I’m just guessing here, of course, and my guess is as good as anyone else’s. It could be a bug, like @dianagrigore said. Or maybe, with the bad reputation of the entire Logo Design category, Fiverr is featuring a real, proven designer, and trying to improve that reputation.


Bhai all you do is complain, complain, complain. One day you complain about not being made TRS, another day you complain about not getting your gigs featured. Just focus on your work, you are doing well, don’t worry about things that are not in your control. Trust me, nobody here cares about you or your problems. Everybody has their own problem. Life is not fair, not for you, or for anyone, deal with it.


If something gone wrong - We must have to complain / inform about that! we can’t stand like you “sukhi lakadi” - Which have stay without any movement - When air flow - that “sukhi lakadi” do fall in air direction!!

If you have any problem with that - you can avoid my post!

Nothing is wrong on Fiverr! Don’t add:

We can… only you have the problem. Your posts will be marked as Spam really soon if you will continue to do this thing. We are here to help each other and you have complaints in every section. [quote=“writer99025, post:12, topic:121868”]
you complain about not being made TRS

If you are not becoming TRS, then you are not eligible for that. or maybe you don’t deserve that. The unnecessary posts you are posting here also counts in becoming the TRS. So you will not become TRS anytime soon.

@writer99025 don’t have any problems. So change the tone dude.

As @catwriter mentioned above:

And BTW, you added the username screenshot above, which violates the Fiverr’s ToS. It’s better to remove that.


I added screenshot after Few other member want to see that - If you do read my post - I have mentioned my Congratulation for that user :slight_smile:

So that is not complaint or complaint- Understand?

Your Screenshot violates the Fiverr’s ToS. Good luck with your posts and account. You were already reported.

thanks - :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: You must be join fiverr Team :slight_smile:

LOL. Who talks like that. Good luck!

It’s much easier not to worry about what or how anybody else is doing - it’s just wasted energy.

You’ve got fantastic feedback on your gigs, and are doing really well - fantastic! Keep concentrating on what you’re doing, because you’re obviously doing it really well! :slight_smile:

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What is a suck la kady, writer? Sounds dirty.

OP: you’re rude, you’re boring, you can’t spell and you moan in an non-amusing way. I mean come on dude, “fast editing” and there’s that huge all-singing, all-dancing typo in your headline?

You’re not featured for a lot of reasons. The last one above should give you a good idea as to why.

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