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I don't care. I'm LOVING the orange

Some people are complaining about green color theme turning orange, but I think it is pretty cool!

Time for a change my fellow Fiverr sellers. Onward and upward!


I prefer Green theme as orange theme looks like a warning or something is wrong.

It represents error for me and its not very welcoming and uncomfortable to look at my eyes hurts… i hope fiverr will do more tweaks or change it to a different colors…

where is orange?? i still see green

I guess everyone is different LOL

GREEN is BACK :slight_smile:

sometime it’s green, and sometime it’s orange LOL

My iPad is all green. My desktop shows some orange (not the home page). Weird.

Still orange/red for me. The ONLY issue I have is that it just screams something bad has happened. The red is the color for warning people that they’re possibly breaking the TOS in messages or that one of their orders is in a dispute. These can easily be overlooked now because all orders and outlines are in the same color.

Change can be good, and I didn’t really like the green. I struggle to read red and green on a computer screen. Always have! I’d suggest blue instead.

Well, it can look good - but red/orange are universal symbols of danger, something being wrong. So, hint of orange (more yellowish) would be lovely - but bright alerting colours in place where we did nothing wrong are definitely, even visually speaking, bad bad bad move.

I use two different browsers.

One shows red and the other shows green.

I prefer the green. I have the same color green in my avatar and logo.

Change will always be resisted…and, I suspect the real “hurt” is not having any announcement or warning.

Reply to @anarchofighter: Apparently it has been resisted well, and we are good to green now!

Its orange everywhere :slight_smile:

First time it looked little odd but now I’m loving it :slight_smile:

If they’re gonna fart around with color changes instead of fixing issues, they should at least have done a little research and selected changes that are appropriate for this market environment. Color is an important aspect of image & branding. If it’s not going to be done correctly, it should be done at all.

I swear they just do random, easy stuff just so it looks like they’re actually working on the site.

anarchofighter said: I suspect the real "hurt" is not having any announcement or warning.

The real hurt is the disgusting red/orange color!

I prefer the green which is easy to read and see.

The orange/red is difficult to read in either Safari or Chrome.

And I have to agree with some other Users, that “red” connotates

an error or warning (which is what happens when you type the word “pay” when sending a message to a Fiverr customer).

The orange also doesn’t blend with the Fiverr website, which is green.

White or yellow would probably work well. Or the light blue also used

on the website.

Reply to @wingle: Not for me. I still see orange and I’m liking it.

Reply to @aingham69: Especially when someone types in an email address that triggers the red box. LOL

Reply to @legaldiva: I was thinking it may now blend in either. Good point.

It does not matter. I love both colors. Cheers Fiverr!