I don't come up in a search for myself


After a couple days of trying I finally got “verified” and was able to post my first gig. I am impressed with the work many are posting and I understand I may not get seen for awhile. But when I do a search for my name “poouster” or by something written in the headline of my gig, “I will make an eye catching illustration” I don’t see me at all. Am I published?


You are right, I did not see you show up in a search for your username or for your gig.
I would suggest you contact customer support and ask what the issue is.


Thanks. It was just about an hour and a half ago. Do they look at it and approve it before it goes live?


Ok, in that case I would wait 24 hours if you are that new.
If it doent show then, contact support.


Hi there
Sometimes all steps are not completed. The last step is publish gig. sometimes it is in paused state. you can activate it to make it visible on searches.


Have you tried searching “illustrate a childrens book” it looks like maybe that was your first title so you might find your gig in those results


When I first joined (about a week ago), it took about 72hrs for anything to appear publicly. Hopefully that helps!