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I don't do homework assignments!


I have 135 COMPLETED gigs and 7 CANCELLED gigs. The number of cancelled gigs will continue to grow as BUYERS fail to read the GIG Description that clearly states: “I DON’T DO HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS”.

I suggest that the SELLER should be able to ACCEPT the purchase rather than allowing the BUYER to buy the gig, only to not read what the job details.


I still get requests once in awhile to do homework even though I have it stated twice on my gig that I do not do it. Some people just don’t read the description. You could try highlighting/bolding, making it a bigger font, bringing it to the top of your gig description and maybe mention all homework requests will be cancelled.

Oh wouldn’t that be nice, a little accept or reject button. A lot of people have requested this feature but I don’t think fiverr is too fond of it since it’s not implemented. Maybe one day :slight_smile:


Although I don’t offer writing services, I can definitely understand how it would annoy you to be asked to do someone else’s work so that they can put their name on it. However, I second accessgirl’s suggestion about highlighting your disclaimer and maybe making it in a bold or bigger font.

A lot of times, it seems like buyers don’t even bother to read gig descriptions before purchasing a gig. However, a big yellow disclaimer may be a bit more eye-catching, and it’s worth a try.

Regarding the cancellation issue, there’s been tons of threads and discussion about all the flaws in Fiverr’s cancellation process and the way it impacts sellers. I honestly don’t see them changing that in the near future, so until and if Fiverr finally changes their system, all I can suggest is to keep doing great work to keep your cancellation ratio low and try not to let it get under you skin too much.

I know that’s easier said than done, though. About a few times a month, I wind up having to mutually cancel an order simply because the buyer said they accidentally purchased my gig or is in need of something that is totally outside the scope of my services (which is clearly explained in my gig description, so I know they don’t even bother to read before hitting the Order button). Last month, I had to deal with three of these nonsense orders in one day. I thought that if I rolled my eyes one more time, I’d permanently damage my optic nerves!

I do think that highlighting/bolding/increasing the font size of your disclaimer isn’t a bad idea, though, and I wish you the best of luck with your future orders!