I don't feel like to work anymore on fiverr


I was doing fine but on last project I got poor rating. It’s true it’s all my fault. I couldn’t manage time, I had fever, exam… hard time
Now I don’t feel like to work anymore… :disappointed:


Hey there, don’t be harsh.
I feel sorry for your experience. :frowning:
Don’t take jobs if you are not able to complete.
As a new profile, it will take some time to get orders again.
Be patient and work on your gigs, You will get order soon. :slight_smile:


It’s easy enough to have a rough patch. You can make it right again.

I would suggest improving your English as improper grammar can definitely lead to low ratings as well.


Hello, it’s not easy to be a freelancer. You have to be here all the time and work even when you are sick or busy. I’ve been here over 4 years with only about 3 days off the entire time.
Not everyone can enjoy working every day like I do.


Thanks for inspiring me. I will work harder.


Don’t give up my friend! You have a lot of good reviews too. From my experience if something happens, tell your buyer in advance. Communication is key and buyers are also humans and will understand the situation if you explain ahead of time :slight_smile:

@misscrystal you are incredible inspiration :slight_smile: If we love something and passionate about it, then we don’t need to take vacations from it :slight_smile: What a great community we have here.


This is same case. I think Programing and Development niche is weak section. No orders at all. I will quit the Fiverr also. I have wasted lot of time here.


I would offer a refund if you still can.


Then ehh… Don’t work on Fiverr? Problem solved, I guess?


Any good news for search placement?


So it appears that the old algorithm is sort of back in place. My gigs are little by little coming back on top - hopefully my queus grow bigger.


Fiverr is not for the faint in heart. You need to be strong and encourage yourself. Your breakthrough is right ahead.


Really? that’s it? Come on that’s life, giving up is too easy! Roll up your sleeves :muscle: and get back on your grind. Everyone makes mistakes learn from them and move on.


Fiverr ranking is messed up. Low ranking gigs are coming ashed of me. It is very frustrating.


Oh go on, please say something positive!

I’ll start: It’s been shown that the number of gigs in each category has been reducing, most probably due to the phone verification brought in recently - yeah! :slight_smile:

Your turn!



I think low quality people are gaining lot of money without doing anything.


You made my day bruh! :joy:


Your overall ratings is good. Keep up the hard work and i m sure you can do really good here.


Is that the most positive you can be?

Have you tried marketing off-Fiverr, changing your gig images, changing your profile picture, changing your gig description etc.?

Or, you could just leave it to us ‘low quality people’. :slight_smile: <== see that, it’s a smile - go on, try it!