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I don't find my gig. It's not new, not High Rating and not Recommended. What am I to do?


My gig is classical singing lessons, that are not so popular. The GIG must just wait.

For now I’ve had only one client, but I’ve found no other classical teachers here.

So, I suppose, people just don’t see my gig. I could hardly find myself and never find any of my gigs.

What am I to do?


Patience is really part of the game on Fiverr, we all have sales fluctuate and many people find their first gigs the hardest to sell. If you can advertise outside of Fiverr that might be a good idea as it’s great you’re offering such an unusual service on Fiverr, but people might not think to search for it here.

You might find when some of your other gigs start seeing a lot of business, people will trust you generally as a seller and might be more inclined to use your other gigs too. Stick at it and good luck and I’m sure you’ll see the orders rolling in soon.