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I don't get an email to complete funds withdrawal


I’ve been a seller on Fiverr for almost 2 yeas now and I’ve never had a problem withdrawing my fund until today when I clicked the Fiverr Revenue Card button, which I always use to withdraw my funds, but this time I didn’t get an email to continue the withdrawal.

Can anybody please explain to me why? I always get the email in 1 or 2 minutes after I click the withdraw button, but this time I didn’t get anything.

Please help

Thank you

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No ideas I’m afraid - only CS can help you with it.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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You can check your account to see if it is add to your account…Otherwise contact with support.

I use Payoneer as my payment method, I get an email to confirm the payment and then it gets added to my account. I’ve contacted CS but I haven’t anything from them yet.

Did you check your payoneer account??

Yes I did. Nothing was added

You need to wait 24/48 hours for a reply from CS.


I’m still waiting for their reply, but I’m confused because this have never happened.

Fiverr shows "Withdrawal Completed Successfully " after withdrawal…Did it happened in your case?

No, all it shows me is "almost done. check your email to … "

O that’s strange…Then I think you have to wait for the answer from cs.don’t worry it will be OK In Sha Allah…


That is the message that apprears everytime I process a payment. And yes, i use payoneer revenue card as well. I simply recieve emails from payonerr regarding the matter. You should check your pending income from the payoneer app. Transfers dont work on weekends you will probably recieve it on Monday or Tuesday. As payoneer only operates on working days.


I just got the email a couple of minutes ago (it’s 3:15AM), I don’t know why the delay but I’m glad it’s all good now.

Thank you to everyone that tried to help, it’s really appreciated.


It’s nice to hear from you that you have received the email.

Same problem to me as well. I withdrew 2 days back and still I didn’t get the email from Payoneer.

Usually it arrived before 2 hours. I didn’t make a support ticket yet.

yes once first time you have successfully withdraw your revenues through pay pal or fiverr revenue card then maybe fiverr not send you conformation email because fiverr save your withdraw method once then fiverr not asked you again and again.

Check your spam folder first and then if you didn’t find it contact Payonner CS

I got the below instructions from the CS and it worked. Hope this may help.

Hi Zara,

Could you please go to your Payoneer account and log in. Once you are logged in go to Activity Payment History and you should see your withdrawal and you will see payment status, click here to load your card.

Could you follow those steps and let me know if you see that?

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that’s great brother…


same is the case with me dear…