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I don't get any active buyers or buyer request

I am new experience in fiverr so I don’t see any active buyers. Please suggest for how to find active buyers for improve experience in fiverr.


When you are new on fiverr then in start you will see less buyer request that will appear 4 or 5 times in 24 hours and will remain active for just 5 minutes and meanwhile you have to achieve these one to send offer to buyers.And so on as you get some level and as some days pass you will see more requests for more time.All meaning is that you have to refresh buyer request page again and again and have to find time when these are appear.I think it is enough for you to understand.Good luck

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thank you that helped me

No problem we are always here to assist you :wink:

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Try To Send Offers In Buyer Requests Section.
Hope This Video Helps You:

Keep in mind, first read the buyer request description and after that if you are sure that you can do that job then send offer only.

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