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I dont get any mails

So when i want to connect paypal to my account i dont get any emails, when i get them thay are out of date… pls help

Check this out:

There is a contact us button at the bottom of the article if you require further help.

problem is i dont get any emails when i do sms thing, i just do sms thing for verify and thats max i got, from 4 hours i been trying i got 2 emails that said it out of data -_-f

Use the contact us button for further help.

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

i sent support ticket that i dont get any mails idk if that fiverr servers or something else

Customer Support are extremely busy at present and can take over 10 days to respond.

huh, that is alot, there is no live chat or something? i just want to connect paypal and i read all info and tips but i just dont get any mails