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I don't get any order after get level 1

Last 30 days I get 70 order. But this 15 november I get level 1 seller. But now I face a problem. From 16 nov - 18 nov I don’t got any order. But before get level 1 everyday I get minimum 2 order every day. Can anyone tell me where is the problem? My gig still now in first page. I also block a buyer before 3 days ago. Is it any problem?


You should be proud that you got 70 orders while there are many fighting with an order in same niches. It’s quite normal to have no order. You have to be patient.

There is no wonder in it you got no order in 2 days.


Yes I’m waiting. But suddenly it’s fully off so I’m upset for it.

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Sorry about that.

But it gets like that sometimes. Remember all the steps you took and all the efforts you put in before been promoted to level one?
Don’t relent, keep pushing, keep doing those things regardless and don’t be scared to try out new things or make a couple changes. Things will pick up.

Happy Freelancing!


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

This topic contains some great info that you might want to consider:

Situations like yours occur frequently and it’s up to you to look at your analytics data (in your dashboard) and figure out where there might be a snag. Maybe some of your rankings dropped, and you need to work on that. Maybe more sellers became available in your niche, offering better value or they’re presenting themselves better.
Did your number of clicks stay consistent, or did it drop as well?
Are you still bringing in new people from other sources (like social media) onto the platform?
Maybe there is a general slump in demand ATM within your niche…