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I don't get any order last two month


HI everyone
I got the last order before two months ago. My gig impression and view rapidly decrease. Please, tell me what can I do now?


This may help you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


Same problem with me :frowning:
but now I know how to fix it .
you just change the title of your gig and also change your pictures .
this really help you in this problem


Oh thanks.
Do you get order by using this methood?


Don’t loose hope just do little modifications in your gig. I hope it will work and your decreasing impressions will start to be increasing


I just changed it now a day ago will be good this will tell you if have any new order :slight_smile:


Don’t lose hope, First of all bring a little bit change of your gig abd try to make them different from other. And share the gig links on different social media so that people can know about your service as well as it will increase the Views and Clicks of you gig.
Best of luck :purple_heart:
Thank you


Dont worry and dont lose hope.


I had told you the tip about getting order you remember?
Now i have too many good impressions and also getting response from the client.


Wow :heart_eyes: That’s great. I tried it of my own.