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I don't get any order message

Hello Fiverr Support,
How can I get order message, Initially I received order. Now suddenly it is stopped. tell me any mistake or any procedure to continue order.


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Why is it so much time one

Sometimes it is luck. do gig marketing and try to be active.

ok thank you… so does fiverr stop order message? But why?

I recommend you to wait only 28 days. That is 4 weeks.


Are you sure he will receive order message within 30/35 days.

No, there’s lot of factor related on this. gig marketing, gig competition and gig description. though I’m also a new seller. I think it can help. thanks

Fiverr is working properly but suddenly its stopped

Hope so I will receive order message from Fiverr. Fiverr is excellent platform to get IT work. It is very helpful in COVID19 Pandemic. Thank You Fiverr and its Team.

He might get an order today. He might get an order in six months. He might never get an order. It is impossible to answer. So never give anyone such hope.

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It’s me same,i don’t have any job!

Ohh really means I don’t get any order message.

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I will try to clear the matter up for once. (Note: My previous comment was pure sarcasm)

There is no time frame when you will get a job. The statement of ariful_islam_wd is completely wrong. I would also not advise you to listen to someone who has almost no sales himself.

My first sale came in after a few hours.

I rather think it’s because of your gigs. Take for example the “I will expertise in ontology rdf protege sparql apache jena fuseki java reactjs” gig.

You didn’t put a lot of information in there? What can be expected from you? Write a little more. What is your USP? Who are you? What do you do? etc. etc. etc.

You have to win the trust of the people who watch your gig. You have to solve a problem.

Then you will also sell.


Valuable information. Thanks for sharing. Keep blessing for me. .


No new order are coming. So what to do.

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Still no order, How to get order. how to contact fiverr support for that issue.

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