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I don't get any order since I open this account

Hello everyone,
I opened my account 1 month ago. Still I don’t get any order. But I’m hopeful about fiverr. Fiverr forum is a great thing. Kindly anyone could give me any suggestion about this problem?
Thanks in advance

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Sure. Your “problem” is that you are sitting back waiting for success to find you, when what you need to be doing is finding ways to market and promote your services to the people that need what you have to offer. You can be as hopeful as you want, but hope never built businesses – action does. Set goals, work to achieve those goals, and then repeat the process.

You’re not going to have many orders if you just sit there doing nothing. You are a freelancer; start finding ways to build your business.

  1. Edit your gig contents
  2. Use appropriatetag for your gig which can make difference in searching result as well as gig rangking
  3. Keep sending buyers request
  4. Set a eye catchy inage for your gig
  5. Share your gig link to social media
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Thank you so much for inspiring me :slightly_smiling_face:

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  1. First of all, create a gig according to your learning base.
  2. Keep sending buyer request daily
  3. Marketing your gig link to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with proper hashtag
  4. Make a strong portfolio in that site which fiver allow.
  5. And most importantly use a very attractive & eye catchy image on your gig.
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