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I don't get any order why ? Please help me



What are you doing to market and promote your gig?


I feel like I have seen those logos before but I could be wrong.



Please let me help you. There are a number of problems which need addressing before you have any hope of succeeding in the very crowded field you are entering.

  1. Go with 3 designs for 1 price: $5. Don’t even think about the time it will take to make $5. The first 10 orders are not for money. They are for a level 1 rating, at which point you can start charging a little more.
  2. Kill the other packages. It’s confusing. Just have a $5 gig.
  3. Change your thumbnail to show your very best single design. No one can see your designs without clicking in, so they won’t.
  4. I have re-written your gig description for you, for the gig you linked above. (They all need editing.) There are too many errors to detail one by one:


I’m a professional graphic designer with years of experience. For just $5, I will custom design 3 unique and beautiful logos for you to choose from. I promise:

-Lightning fast delivery
-One-of-a-kind designs
-HD quality picture format - print ready
-Unlimited revisions
-Source file + vector file
-100% money back guarantee

Feel free to contact me if you have questions before you order.

Thank you!

-Bappy :slight_smile:

5 Your profile description needs a meltdown and re-pour. Here is a good version:

Design excellence is what makes the difference between a $10 Walmart handbag and a $2,200 Prada tote. The design choices you make now about your branding collateral will define your business for years to come. Engagement someone to design your materials who cares as much about excellence - and what it says about your brand - as you do.

6 Your tag line isn’t bad. “Excellence by Design,” would be better.

You have done a good job on the thumbnails on some of your gigs. You have used up all your gigs. This is good. You seem friendly in your picture, which is also good.

I wish you luck. In the field you’ve chosen, luck will not be enough.

Bob :slight_smile:


Great job helping him out. That was very kind.


Thanks. As I was doing it, I was thinking, “Why are you doing this?” I hope he does something with it.


I am very pleased to see that people like you are helping newbies . I don’t want to make you mean by giving thanks. Rather than best wishes for you to become a successful in your life more.