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I dont get any order


I don’t get any order and message last 30 days so what can I do?


Have you been:

Tweaking your gigs?
Exploring putting up new gigs?
Working on marketing your gigs outside of Fiverr?
Tweaking your tags?
Sending your buyers requests every day?

Sometimes it takes a while. There is always a series of ebbs and flows. In the meantime, work on your gigs and your marketing.


some days before I get a message from Fiverr they told me they improved their system, if my gig are attractive they follows my gig do you know?


That is the reality of Freelancing, ups and downs, it takes time, effort (Promote in Social Media), that is the price of being your own boss, but with patience and working on your gigs, hopefully, orders will come.


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yes thanks for sharing your idea, i share my gig in social media like facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Quora forum but i don’t get a good result do you have any idea?


Nope, there are no grantees, sit tight, think of more gigs that you could offer, make your gigs eye-catching and hope orders will come, try to check the gigs of those who offer similar service, and are getting orders, and good reviews, see what they are doing right, but do not copy their work, learn from it and make your own modifications, try to think of ways you can be better than them. And good luck.


i just need some idea how to share my gig in any social media