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I dont get any orders now

Hi there,
I am experiencing some bad in my Fiverr career. I don’t get orders. I completed 4 projects only. But after that, I don’t get any orders now. What should I do now? Here is my profile, Please help me out to give some tips. Thanks in advance.

Well this happens for while you stop receiving orders you need to keep your stats 100% means you need to deliver your orders on time you need to keep your ratings 5.0 all the time for all orders you just can’t negotiate on that you need to deliver the best services to your customers. Here is a little tip for getting five star rating always be nice to your customers like super nice even when they are angry. and deliver on time take your time but deliver on time means that you need to tell your customers that you need this much of a time to complete certain order and then deliver it in that time delivering late means less buyers activity (speaking from experience) also you do not want canceled orders canceled orders are super bad for your profile even though buyers don’t see how many canceled orders you have fiverr algorithm doesn’t like canceled or late delivery at all. You need to keep everything on your profile super professional.

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I did exactly what you are saying. but no hope. Thanks.

Hi markgfx,
Hope you are doing well. i saw your profile and your gigs it seems like you are working hard but buyer’s couldn’t reach you. I think its happening may be you dont use seo well. your 1st gig’s title is not good make it like: i will do creative,eyecatchy … in 24 hours. than use your title atleast 3 time and also use title in your keywords section and last but not the least do not get demotivate. just do hard work and you will be successful!
Hope that this works with you.


Hi there @markgfx, I just checked your Gigs, unfortunate you seem to have delivered a quick project to your client which has cost you your 5-star rating. If you can’t handle your time limit increase it. No wonder your 4.6-star rating isn’t good enough for buyers. Next time deliver your projects as your clients want them to be, no rush is the best medicine!! good luck!!

Warmly, Humberto

@jasmine_rose01 If you want help you just need to create your own topic.