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I don't get any orders

hey i don’t get much orders,i still got two orders from same buyer,All gig images are my Designs and i have copyrights.and i think descriptions are also good.Clicks,Impressions,Views also good.but no orders why is that please check my Gigs and tell me if i need to change anything to improve my gigs

Send offers to buyers request and be patient. :slight_smile:

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yeah thank you,I sent request to buyers every day but no response.and many
requesr are not from buyers they are from sellers,and it is very
annoying.seller requests are more than buyer requests :cry::cry:

Hi Anupa.

Your gigs look good to me, probably Nayeem’s suggestions, Buyer Request (use forum search top right to find lots of posts on how to write buyer requests that might make a buyer pick yours) and patience are good, you only joined in March and the thing is that you have a lot of competition in your field.

Because of that competition, though, I think every little bit helps, so here 2 things I noticed:

even if you don´t sell any English language related gigs, make sure you proofread your profile and gig descriptions well;
if a buyer is deciding between your and other gigs offering basically the same, a perfect description might give them just the little bit extra assurance they need to order from you.
Example: Leave a space after a full stop and take the time to capitalise your 'i’s into 'I’s.

The gig description of your bestselling gig has your name, but your profile doesn´t, I´d put the name in the profile (of course you can leave it in the gig description too if you want), for buyers who only look at the profile, or at a gig description where you might not have your name in, it gives them something to call you, if they want to contact you and makes you ‘seem more a person than a gig’. :slight_smile:



Yeah! There are many topics already created by so many sellers about those spammers.
Nothing to do but ignore them. :frowning:
Moreover, about selling. You are new here, and I am also new, Getting buyers among many competitors will be tough. It is natural.
Stick up with it and work hard :slight_smile:


yeah I understand and thank you very much.

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I’m very new member here and after seeing those people’s who are requesting selling offer insted of buyers offers in buyers requests is very disgusting to me. Fivarr should take it seriously and have to take some stpes asap.


Have you tried volunteering at a care home for the elderly?

The basic idea is that you volunteer with the elderly and in the process, steadily convince the old people whom you work with that you are actually one of their great-grandchildren.

Once you have established a strong enough adoptive bond, you then convince the wealthiest care home residents to place buyer requests on Fiverr which you can apply for and start building your freelance reputation.

Alternatively, if you don’t have time to volunteer, you can always try chasing people up the street with a trident, only letting people go when they have agreed to open a Fiverr account and place an order with you.

The main thing to remember is that the above marketing techniques are highly illegal and can lead to occasional appearances on Americas Most Wanted. You know what they say, though, no publicity is bad publicity…

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You could voice your opinion in Site Suggestions if you´d like to, chances it´s seen by staff are better than here in Conversations, for example here (40 voters already):

@cyaxrex Sounds highly dubious and promising, but I´m mystified by the trident approach, why specifically a trident? :thinking:

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I think you just need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order and you have made a start already. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:

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I saw this post and i Already voted for it

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yeah thank you,i got 3 orders and 2 5 star feedback from the beginning.after that i didn’t received any orders

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