I dont get any respons from buyer


Hi friends,
I have sending offer on buyer request regularly.I am doing gig smm properly also.But i dnt get any massage or order from buyer.
Is anybody here give me suggestion to get response from buyer?
Thanks in advance.


My first guess would be that they don’t reply back because of your language skills.

However, I’m pretty sure there are other reasons. If you can copy here your most recent offer you made to a buyer’s request then we can see what kind of mistakes are you making.

Without seeing your offer I can give you the boilerplate answer > “Read the Fiverr forum. There are plenty of posts on how to send a proper offer to a buyer’s request”.


Hello there,
I have more than 4 years experience of web design and development.I am expert in HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap,JS,Php,Wordpress,Jimdo,Joomla,Shopify and graphics design.I have finished many job of web design and development successfully in the past.I will do your project with unlimited revision.

This is my cover letter…


The first problem with such an offer is that it’s not personalized. It doesn’t say anything about the request details and most of it is irrelevant info.

  • You should start with buyer’s requirements and explain what you can do for them. For example, if a buyer is looking for a Wordpress developer then they don’t care if you know how to use Joomla or Shopify.
  • If there’s not enough information then ask questions. Show that you’re interested in the project, but you’d need more information about it. Let the buyer contact you with further details. However, these questions should be relevant and don’t overwhelm them with a questionnaire.
  • Listing all the programming languages and CMSs is redundant because you have this info on your profile. You have only 800 characters to sell yourself.
  • Stating that you have finished design and development jobs before is unnecessary. They can see it from the reviews you have received. If you don’t have enough reviews then without proof it means nothing.
  • It’s up to you if you wish to offer unlimited revisions or not, but some buyers might see this as a weakness. If you can’t get the job done with 1-2 revisions, then probably you’re not good at what you do or buyer is not explaining the requirements well enough. Either way, it’s a waste of time for both sides.

I hope some of it was helpful.
Good luck!


Send buyer request Continue,You will success


Thanks for the infirmations


Maybe i think first you should get your grammer right.