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I don't get any work till now, Is there work?

I am active and want to earn money but I don’t get any task till now. It is bad fortune for me. I spend a lot of time but I am failing to achieve the task. It is true that I need money and of everybody. So buyers of fiverr consider my gig.


You’re on vacation mode - nobody can buy your gig. :sunny:


When I go offline or other work then I switch on vacation mode for buyers notification. But from now I will keep off vacation mode for your advice. Please tell me other way to get buyers order.

You need to use vacation mode when you really are unavailable - there’s a maximum number of days you can use it I think per year.

You’ve got one gig - you can have up to 7 - make use of them. There are thousands of people offering background removal - what makes your gig different? Why should they buy from you? :sunny:


I must create 6 other giigs about different subjects. It is the matter of time.Brother could I get orders after having 7gigs? Thank you very much for your valuable response.


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This is a question for as all