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I dont get anymore views / orders

Hi. In the first week on fiverr i got first order, everything went well. After getting a review, i was getting more views, but it has stopped. How can I improve my gig?


me too. low impressions but your recent delivery 3 days ago. wait for orders.

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Does summer somehow makes an impact su fiverr sellers? I’m curiuos about opinion of others fiverr sellers on my gig. I know it’s crowded niche, but somehow t-shirt design is the thing I’m the most impressed and I like it alot. I don’t want to change the niche I’m in cause of it being the most popular and crowded…

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There are many experienced sellers on Fiverr who say summer could be a contributing factor to the slump in the number of orders.

There are also other experienced sellers who vehemently deny it and say that it is not dependent on whether it is summer… or a nuclear winter for that matter. :wink:

I don’t have any personal opinion on this considering I’ve been on Fiverr for only 53 days so far :slight_smile:

I’ve also experienced something similar as a new seller on Fiverr.

In the first few days, I got more messages and interactions with the buyers. Now, I’m experiencing that the impressions and messages have started to dwindle.

After reading many opinions on the same problem, I’m focussing on the following (and you should too!)

  1. Promote your gigs on social media, online forums etc.
  2. Offer something unique or a bonus with the order to ensure more interest in your gig.
  3. Write your gig description in a unique and clear way. The buyer should immediately know what to expect from your gig.

Hope this helps!:grinning:

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