I don't get clicks, views or impressions...everything is 0...HELP PLEASE!


i’m new but i want to grow in firverr…but i can’t even find my gig searching it by myself…seems like it is at the very bottom




You need to earn your placement at the top of search results by having a great gig, well-targeted keywords, and plenty of positive reviews.

You do not deserve to be seen in search results… you EARN your placement.

Please take the time to become a great seller, instead of expecting to skip over all of the work in order to enjoy the benefits. Every seller on Fiverr earned their reputation, sales, and success. You are going to have to do the same.


i dont want to pass over the work, just didnt understand the way the site works because i’m new…i thought that getting a bit of views like just 1 was something normal and defenitely it is not, thought that my gig wasnt really posted and public to the sellers...my error...im here to work and thanks for your reply


how do i delete this post?


work hard then you get click and views


Actually, there does seem to be something very odd going on at the moment. I created a new gig a week ago which simply does not appear anywhere in Fiverr. Not in the search, not in the gig categories which it should be in. As far as Fiverr is concerned it doesn’t exist.

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Gig visibility on search

Am experiencing same thing, I edited a gig title and it disappeared from ‘search’, ‘newest arrivals’, ‘other gigs by me’, same as a new gig i created some days ago.


Need SEO for your gig. It’s so important for ranking your gig 1st place. Uou need to know how to work fiverr and what is SEO. This is really important your service type, Keyword in Title, Tag Keyword.


You should change your Gig Description and work hard. Best of Luck.