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I don't get it in this forum

Now that I realise it, I often see in this forum graphic designers and SEO web creator people asking help in this forum about how to get attractive gig and how to rank it.
So yes, it’s normal to get help but.

When I check profiles of those “pro” graphic designers with “10 years” experience, I just see gig thumbnails looking like a draw made by a 5 years old child, and it’s not even the right format, it isn’t in 1920x1080 but in something like a 4:3 format…

Those web SEO maker asking how to rank their gigs and how to get orders then they work in digital marketing, I mean… They are supposed to be in better position than everyone to do this.

So, after all of those, I think a lot of people pretend to be “pro” then I bet they don’t have any skills, it might be more than obvious, especially for the graphic designers, they are the one who are supposed to make sick illustrations and gig thumbnails, and even me as video editor, I do thumbnails for my customers that are way more attractive, it’s their job no ? To be eye catchy and be artists ?

I don’t know if fiverr always has been like this but on internet out of here I often see people who got dispointed here about logos, youtube banners, draws etc


Oh, you are completely right. In fact, I would almost go as far as to say that most people on Fiverr have no skills in what they are offering and will never get any sales.

As a buyer since 2016, I have always seen people whose profiles were almost laughably bad, but I feel it gets more pronounced year after year.

Also, most of my competitors in English-Danish translation do not know how to spell in their native language and have no business selling on here.


Yeah right, I often clash graphic designers but I saw rampages about writing and translation niche, people who are translating their native language into english, but they can’t even make a proper sentence in english without thousand mistakes, like, wtf, it’s not even credible, it’s obvious that no one will click, buyers must be aware about fiverr, they come here in buying and expect something professional for their projects, but the thing is that on fiverr, ANYONE can create an account without any skills/certifications and pretend to be pro and sell services.
I mean, if I was a buyer coming from the first time here, I wouldn’t know who to trust if I wanted a logo, I would have probably gone anywhere here but now that I know how is fiverr as a seller, I know that they reverse logos, go to logo generator websites or steal content from google :rofl:


That is why you have buyers who will come to the forum call confused about what they thought they were buying vs what they actually got.



Yes, and they will think that everyone is a scammer then there are some very talented people here.
It’s really random for buyers, but I guess the first time they order, they aren’t aware of anything and get a good or a bad job.


That’s so sadly true. It is making this platform look less professional. People who try to earn money easily come here, create a profile where they state that they have years of exprience, but their overall profile and gigs speak for themselves. It’s sad.

Since these kind of sellers are increasing here day by day, maybe Fiverr should start filtering new sellers before allowing them to create a seller profile.


So… a couple weeks back I came across a video with five things you can sell on here without ‘any skills’ - one was logos (if I recall well, because you can just use any free program) and the other was something related to SEO - checking your website’s ranking by copying it onto a website made by the youtuber himself or something along those lines.

That’s what made me realize where all these people come from - and I feel bad for them (and for their customers… if they ever get any.) I dabble in many other things, not just writing - my parents always ask my why I don’t translate anymore: it’s because I’m not good at it. I won’t force myself (and others) to read my awkward Hungarian - but others think differently (or…are in a position where they are desperate enough to try?) COVID did take away many jobs and people are in need of money… I just think that they are being misguided and end up doing the wrong thing (although this problem did exist before as well I guess, but wasn’t this bad from what I recall.)


There are a whole bunch of Instagram and Tik Tok videos out there which basically promote for people to download templates, or complete 1-hour courses to then sell on freelance websites like Fiverr. I think the worst one I saw was a guy telling people to just load pictures onto a background remover and then sell that as a service here on Fiverr.

There seriously needs to be some kind of vetting process for those markets because they’re just saturated with bad sellers.


There are actually sellers here on Fiverr who earned A LOT of money for a simple background removal gig…

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The most funny part by coming here to make easy money is that they don’t get any sales

Exactly. And they flood the forum with new topics everyday with the title “How to get orders?” Or “Been here for two months but no order yet”…

I think some form of vetting is a great idea. I’m sure Upwork at least limits the amount of freelancers allowed per category so that it doesn’t become saturated. I think seller levels do hold weight regardless of what many people have said about levels in the forum. If you have thousands of sellers to choose from, you’re more likely to filter out the sellers with a proven track record. But if some sellers with questionable skills are selling gigs for $5 this is attractive to some tight buyers because it’s not a big loss if they don’t get the best result and a $5 gig is still profit for the platform. It’s a tough one. A freelancer free for all or quality over quantity.

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Well, I think I’m not gonna reply or give help to those topics anymore, I doubt that they are really graphic designers and have garbage gig thumbnails that are not even in 16:9 format, and an absolute lack of english.

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It attracts buyers who think they can get a pro work for 5€, yes it’s not a big loss but it sucks quite hard to have the same copy/paste reversed or generated logo for your brand or enterprise then a lot of people who ordered, probably have almost the same…

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