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I don't get my first order

Iam roshan iam in Fiverr new member and joined as in few months…I take to much time to wait for an order I don’t get…it so I tried work hardwork to get a work…but no hope…so I think that failure is just a step 1 and winning is the future steps …so iam keep trying and hardwork ing in my Fiverr gigs modification and good quality gigs I made…so defentiley I will win an defentiley give customers satisfaction … Anyone would promote my gig and rate it…I will keep trying …keep simile :blush:


Do not loose hope. keep patience and be self confident. success will automatically come. Best wishes.


What hard work actions have you taken to connect to your target customers and convince them to hire you?

None of us are going to do this for you, because it is not our job to promote your gigs. What actions do YOU think you can take to effectively promote your services to the people that need them?


Hope, you will get order soon.


Iam learning about fiverr tutorials and studying the details. Of gigs and updating gigs with high quality… and learning about all kind of methods and tricks i earned… from community in fiverr also through other communication… i take lot of time to do this… so iam still keep waiting for the opportunity… So any one would promote my give or rate it… i will definitely give a big service to them with cheap rate with good quality gigs i will provide with 100% hardwork… so support me

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Unfortunately, like I said, we cannot do this for you. It is YOUR responsibility to promote and improve your gigs. They are your gigs, after all. We cannot do your work for you.

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keep hope :slightly_smiling_face:

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