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I don't get order . how can i get order?

i create 7 gigs for sale on fiverr but don’t get order


Perhaps you aren’t effectively reaching out or connecting to your target customers.

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Don’t worry keep trying and improve your gig read blogs it may help you a lot i have also face this type of problems in past. be patient


dear jonbass, i will try my best for increase my sell. i need a guideline. if you want share some tips for new seller like me…

thanks for your suggestion. i try my best improve my skill & increase my sell.

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And I offered you some advice in my last comment. I said:

Are you? Are you doing anything to reach out to your target customers and convince them to hire you? Or you you just sitting around waiting for things to happen by chance?


thanks for your advice. nice to meet you

try try & try… more effectively & be patient for the success.

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If you want to succeed on Fiverr, don’t set how soon you need to get that first client, because you’ll get discouraged.

The best thing you can do is :

Optimize your gigs and make sure they’re ranking for the intended keywords even if they are on the last page.
Download the Fiverr mobile app and try to be online for as long as possible.
Try to be active on Fiverr forum. Now, this might not bring in the orders but you’ll equip yourself with Fiverr hacks tried and tested by other sellers.
Exercise a lot of patience…It took me a whole year to get my first order but that’s all I needed to switch from my full-time job to full-time freelancer on Fiverr within a month!
Kind wishes and best of luck!


thanks for your suggestion i keep in mind your suggestion

Can you refer some blogs?

Nice story💓great motivation

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@tayyabart dear can you suggest some blog for all new seller that’s help us properly

Facing the same problem… Not getting order

greet suggestion for new seller.

I also do not get any order since 45 days. I don’t know that when will I get any order.