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I don't get order my Gigs

please, can anyone tell me what am doing wrong i don’t get order on my gigs and have been on fiver for long?

username: walemabi
a gig.:


Wrong link, there.
Profile first impressions:
The pronoun ‘i’ in English is capitalized, but otherwise (based on your profile and this thread) you can probably up your English Language level to ‘conversational’. The picture you’ve chosen as your icon is nice, but Fiverr crops them weird, so it doesn’t look like it’s suppose to.

For the gigs:
I’m not keen on the first image you picked for the picture editing gig. It’s nice, but the detail is lost as a thumbnail. I’d say the second one works better as a ‘before/after’ example, but the picture itself isn’t very flattering. The emoji in the standard bundle is cute, but not professional. You should specify what is offered in each bundle in the description.

The third image in the writing gig doesn’t fit. It’s a nice image, but for a professional writing service, seeing a doodle instead of work? If the only difference between the bundles are extras, you can just set the gig to only offer one bundle and price the extras separately.


thanks so much, I rely upon do appreciate your help