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I don't get order😞


Please help for improving my Gig !!

Please see my gig, then tell me…why this happen?


Let’s see what we’ve got.

The ‘About Us’ Section of a Gig is, in my opinion at least, the most important part. It contains the most information and enables the seller to entice prospective buyers into clicking the big, bright and green ‘Proceed to Order’ button.

That said, I’ve picked up on a few issues with the Gig you’ve linked to.

  • You may want to rewrite the first sentence as, “I will design unique, trendy and eye catching logos using my creativity and professional touch.” You’re also capitalizing random words throughout the text.
  • Your use of ‘special characters’ (i.e. stars, ticks, etc.), combined with your use of bold and highlights, is a little off - putting and may be viewed by others as amateurish.

In addition, I personally would not conduct business with a seller who offers unlimited revisions, no matter what they were selling. I say this because unlimited revisions compels me to consider whether:
a. the seller actually knows what she/he is doing; and
b. the seller recognizes that offering unlimited revisions is exploitable and is in fact often exploited.

$5 for 2 logos is… cheap, and while I realize you are a new seller, underselling your Gigs like that will hurt you in the long run. Also, what does ‘Ultra HQ’ mean?

Those are some starting points.


Thank you so much! Sir…

For your help