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I don't get the money I actually offer...why is that?


So I need your help, bc I just noticed something that doesn’t look right. I mean the dollar euro currency rate is already bad, but I noticed that I don’t get the money I actually offer. My gigs are mostly around freelance writing and originally I have offered 15$ for a 500 words essay. After I have delivered the order, instead of the 15$ I got 12$. Wtf? That’s 3$ less…what in heavens name is happening? Is this a bug or is there another reason for this?


Fiverr charges 20% commission on your earnings. That is why you receive $12 instead of $15.

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That’s called “read the contract that you signed”.
All platforms are charging a commission. On fiverr it’s 20%. So I would advise you to read fiverr Terms and Conditions that you signed to make sure that you know all the rules to avoid being banned.


Ah okay, that makes sense, thanks for the answers.


Hello, it’s very important to read the Terms of Service so you know everything about the site and the rules. Fiverr takes the TOS very seriously and there is a lot in there you aren’t aware of unless you have read that.


Fiverr is charging 20% commission for using the platform, which is mean for every $5 you earned $1 goes to Fiverr.

Please check this…


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