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I dont get the search engine dance. Someone explain


Fiverrs search engines are a mystery to me. My gig has been in third place on page one for the keywords. The next day it disappears 3 pages down. It seems to happen more when I edit, even a minor edit sends it plummeting. Theres a guy with the exact same gig in place one. Hes got several orders in the queue, had no feedback on it and only looks like hes completed one. Mine is 100%, had 15 thumbs up and about 6 other sales. Its been collected by loads of people too. I just cant understand how fiverr places peoples gigs in the search? Can someone explain why a minor edit would reduce ranking? Any other tips?


same problem here:P i dont think any solution:P


I don’t get their algorithms either. Seems to be completely random.


Their search engine is in order for some fixing up. I just sort by rating whenever I am searching for gigs.