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I Don't get work


I am new here i made my gig but don’t get any customer yet … i m ready to offer my services with unique offer


hi, just be patient, 1st month just an example, thing going better in 2nd month, try to read all article in forum and you will find out how to improve your gig to get sales :smiley:

ok dear Dusuacangmon Thanks for the motivation :slight_smile:

Even I waited for almost a month to get my 1st order. But when I received my 1st order it was of $250.

So please be patient and wait for something special to happen :slight_smile:

thank u az_designer12

Hello MindBlowing,
I’m also from Pakistan and made my account on Aug 6 this year… Until now I sold 3 gigs and earned ($30-$6 = 24)…
I was too unhappy when I hadn’t any buyer to order my gigs… With passage of time you would know some tactics to sell more…

  1. Create more gigs, means provide services.
  2. give more descriptions in your gigs
  3. Use high quality and attractive pictures.