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I don't getting enough buyer request

Hello Fiverr,
I don’t getting enough buyer request. I don’t know what is the reason behind this problem. Looking for it’s solution.


Im also experiancing the same problem

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@towhidhasan98 Create gig Others Catagories!

The reason you are not getting any buyer request is you have no level. Try to increase your level.
You must create more gig’s in order to increase the buyer request. That’s how it worked for me!

thanks for contributing!

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@towhidhasan98 Welcome!

I suggest to keep active in this forum and always read older articles. At the same time you should improve your gigs. Promote your gigs on every social media platform. you can get clear idea how it working😇
Thank you😇

i think something is wrong with buyer requests i am having same issue from 3 to 4 days i refresh page several times but no buyer request appear and 3 requests are stuck they only these 3 requets appear every time i refresh and no new request this is so frustrating

same problem plus don’t see the impressions, clicks and views to view my statistics… seems a bit frustrating…