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I don't getting order

Can Anyone tell me how i can get more orders, i don’t getting order in my gig. i got 15 orders from my instagram page i completed all of them in time and they gave me 5 star … but i don’t getting client from fiverr


Hey Dear!!

Suggest you remove the above (copied) from your gig description as it does not come across as professional and will put many buyers off.


I didn’t understood you… what you mean by above (copied)

I love this new you :sweat_smile: :smiley: :wink:

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For a second, I thought @lloydsolutions was calling the OP “Hey Dear!” However, @lloydsolutions was only referring to what the OP has mentioned in their gig. Here’s a screenshot:


@digitals_1 I think @lloydsolutions was suggesting that you remove the words “Hey Dear!” from your gig descriptions (as shown in the red box in the attached image).


Oh okay… i removing it right now

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Yeah, that’s right :joy:

That’s why I said I loved Lloyd’s new self. I loved the way @lloydsolutions approached the matter :star_struck: Very refreshing !!! :wink:


@maitasun That is so funny! :rofl:

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Suggest you do not address others as dear, brother, mate, sister, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.


I already removed that …

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