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I don't have a degree or University/College Education

I am turning 14 next month and I am new here. I am trying to create a new gig, but it keeps saying that Ii have to fill in the Education and Certification area to move on, but I don’t have an education at University. I try to skip it but it keeps telling me to go back and fill it in. What do I do?


It’s same as me.
I done my Cambridge Ordinary Levels in 2019.
I added certificate of Ordinary Level and created 3 gigs.


You can fill in other parts of the sign up form instead. If I remember correctly, you have to fill in 60% of the fields.


All right, thanks. I appreciate it.

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I think you just need to get 60% so as to start. You cab try verifying phone number and all.

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i remember that you must need add any certificate to continue others works

Well, if you don’t have a degree, try to obtain certification. I’m not the first one who told you so as far as I see. I guess, one of the best ways for you is obtaining a Cisco certification. My cousin doesn’t have a college or university degree too, but his work as a network engineer. Because he has studied stuff on his own. And after he accumulated enough knowledge, he passed the exam on this site and they actually gave him a certification. Now all doors for him are opened. You can try to do the same thing. Maybe you will succeed?

Just put in whatever you can! I did that too!

OP is 13 years old. Most students graduate from high school when they are 18 years of age