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I don't have a "Request a Custom Order" on my profile


As the title says, I don’t have a “Request a Custom Order” option on my gigs’ page

Compare the two: doesn’t show “Request a Custom Order” option shows a “Request a Custom Order” option

Both accounts are newly created and with 5 and 0 completed orders, respectively. My rating is excellent.

Why does this occur? Has anyone else had this issue? What should I do?

P.S.: “Accepting Custom Orders” is turned ON.


It does show the option.

Maybe you can’t see it when you’re logged in.


It shows up now! I swear I checked by using an “Incognito tab” and I didn’t show up just moments before. Weird.

I think it has to do with the fact that I just turned off and on again the “Accepting Custom Orders” switch.

Thread closed. Thanks for the heads up, catwriter! :slight_smile: