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I don't have all my earnings in my account!

Hi guys as you read from the title , I don’t have all my Earnings in the account it’s less like ten bucks
I contacted the support , they said they approve the problem to tech team , but still nothing happened since 11 days

I know 10 bucks nothing but still big and serious issue …

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Tell us a bit more about your problem. Did the money just disappear one day? Did only some of your money clear after a transaction was completed?

Just don’t count as earning , when I count all profits I see that it missing some money

Are you aware that Fiverr takes 20% of every order? So, if you sold something for $50, you would only get $40.

If that’s not the problem, you may have been victim of a chargeback. Sometimes, buyers complain to PayPal in order to get orders refunded.

lol is easy as that ? when I checked my orders , one order completed but the money not go to clearance process !!