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I don't have any buyer request


I am new on fiverr. I just completed an order. My client was satisfied with my work but he gave me 4.0 reviews instead of 5.0 Now I can’t send any buyer request for this reason. Because I need at least 90% positive ratings. What can I do now to get more orders. Please help me in this regards.

Thanks in advance.


All you can do is complete more work from other buyers that find ou through the regular process, instead dof through buyer’s requests. Once your star rating goes back up, you can use buyer requests again.


You can make more Gig and promote it in social sites. Its increase your impression and as well as you got more buyer request.


Hello Nur,

I don’t speak as a seller because I don’t have enough experience.
I look at your Gig with the eyes of a buyer.

I notice a style dissonance between the first logo and the others, that have a “too-good” or “too-stock” appearance. This can alter the expectations.

Take your time to produce something for your gallery, something that talks with your voice and that stands apart.

A four-star rating does not impress me, as a buyer.
That review is not harsh, just a little “dry”: it looks like the buyer has detained himself.

Best of luck.


Last one month there have no order and my Click will be go down , You see the attached image the gig view and impression is ok … every day i share my gig in social media with a description…Here is my gig link.
…… Please suggest the best


I think that the background removal service is an oversaturated field.
As a designer I need it rarely and I prefer to do it by myself anyway.


You seem to have a habit of hijacking other people’s forum topics, and demanding that everyone stop what they are doing and help YOU. So… no. Neither I, nor anyone is going to help you (nor should we), until you stop making demands in other people’s threads… and – like I told you in another topic that you hijacked – START YOUR OWN TOPIC!


Good information,thanyou


Thanks a lot for such a nice suggestion.


Yes.I agree with you.Thanks a lot for such a nice suggestion.I hope it will works.


Thank you so much…
Really appreciate it.Thanks again.


Good luck all new sellers (with me) :cowboy_hat_face:


Its increase your impression and as well as you got more buyer request.