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I dont have any gigs at all and no one enquired

Can you give tips and how to get customers?? Really i am upset


If you don’t have any gigs, then no one will be able to see your profile. That’s probably why no one has contacted you!


I have 2 gigs. One writing complaint and another one is whiteboard animation.

Oh ok, that’s good! I was confused because in your post title, you said “I dont have any gigs at all”

I would suggest improving your Gig Gallery. For your complaint gig, the picture is super tiny and in the corner, so it doesn’t look neat.

In your Gig Gallery, I would recommend adding more pictures/videos/PDFs that showcase your work. For example, you could put a picture of a complaint letter that you have written.

Also, for your whiteboard animation gig, you he second picture is a zoomed out screenshot. I think it would look more professional if you took a snip of just the animation and not the video frame around it.

Thanks! Good luck!

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thank you for your feedback. I will work on it

Two gig is not enough for get customer. You have to create 7 gig.

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Maybe alter the gig description in the complaint email/letter gig. eg. check it with a grammar checker.
Maybe change the line of text under the username in the profile.

Welcome to fiverr forum!
Take time to read through the forum for a lot of tips and information. Good luck :+1:

Well, first of all, try change thumbnails of your gigs. First one is not going to attract any customers, sadly.
Second gig contains an error in its title. So there’s something to correct for you there!

Other than that, I can suggest you to use this forum and its wonderful search functions! Can be really helpful sometimes :wink:

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You need to stop replying with the same
“You are absolutely right, Happy freelancing Dear” response to every thread and in this thread more than once.

Posts like this are just filler, junk and can be seen as spam. If you have something worthwhile to contribute to a thread, then, by all means, contribute. But saying the same thing over and over in every thread is not how you contribute to the forum.

I do not know if some YouTube or blogger told you this is how you get orders here, but, if so, they were wrong. It is a good way to be seen as someone who has nothing of value to add to a conversation.


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