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I don't have any Order. Its better to watch a movie 😕

I don’t have any Order. Its better to watch a movie :confused:


LOL, Try to Improve your Gigs Impression & Click’s

guide me how to do?..

Why you not find on " Tips for Sellers "Section

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As long as your getting paid for it!


Ha Ha Ha :rofl::rofl:

Me too.But I am still messaging on buyer request, past messages and posting social media. Those kind of stuff gain new orders.

Oh really, also take a cup of coffe with mixed spice

continue working hard on your promotion, you are gonna get there okay.

You can spend time on your portfolio.


come to me will sit together :rofl:

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It’s not easy but if you continue to promote sooner or later you will find orders…don’t give up. I’m in fiverr for almost two years with many orders successfully completed but I’m continuing to promote my services. Advertising never hurts


I would learn a new skill.

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Every time the beginning is very difficult, there are a lot of ways which can help you.
You can try these. A lot of people here who has got their first sales after 2 month, Try to think you are lucky still :smiley:

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watch a movie… take your night off… work will come to you eventually

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Watch some tutorials on Youtube. Preferably something out of your comfort zone.
Start working on a couple of buyer requests as if the order was active.

If you do get the order, you’ll be ahead as you’ve already done the work. If not, you’ve still got something you can perhaps adapt for someone else in future - again putting you ahead, at that point.

Or…just have a healthy nap!

Both are good! :slight_smile: