I dont have any orders


I dont have any orders please help me


A wise man/brand man once said:


@jonbaas I hope you approve! :wink:


You need to fill in what you are offering in your gig packages and explain more about your experience in your profile description. Suggest you look at other seller’s packages and profiles to see how to complete this but do not copy anyone.


I think this is only for U dear… All for all


Create one more gig. Describe your services clearly, promote your gig to social media website then keep patience.


yes because this is my first exprince


dont be afraid, not all man star runing, you need to walk first


please rate my gig i will request to all of you


I do approve. Great message. :wink:

Feel free to share this message as often as you wish!

The “mek sells” certainly need to hear/see it. :wink:


And us “rating your gig” is NOT going to make you successful. YOU are responsible for your own success.

There are resources here on Fiverr (the TOS, blog and help section) that YOU can read. Be a responsible and resourceful freelancer. Stop asking us make you successful.


There are loads of posts like this. It is great to ask for help (but only when you need it).

A lot of knowledge on this forum if you search properly. I don’t think most people want to do the hard work, they basically want to be spoon fed.

The worst part is, there are thousands of these posts and a lot of experienced freelancers on this forum give them good tips.

Why can’t they go and read the replies to these similar posts?


Same thing with me here.
I completed my first order about 5 days ago, and I haven’t made any more sales since then. I have also reviewed my gigs and still no difference. Pls advice me.


You will find your advice on the forum. We have already helped other new sellers that have asked these same questions. And we’ve answered them thousands of times.

Please read the forum.


Thanks for that buddy


how do i market my GIG


I think we are in this together.


If you do an internet search for that question, you’ll find plenty of ideas. :wink:

Get out there and do your own research!


thanks for your kind advise. i hope it helps me


Research always helps. You just have to be willing to take the time to do it.


Share your gig in social media is the best way to marketing your gig @ahsamimtiaz