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I don't have buyer's requests


Hello. For some reasons i don’t have any buyer requests in my system. Does anyone know the reason ?


Refresh your hashtags in gigs, you’ll get buyers requests than


Check this out:


Adding to previous comment, I would say…

Looks like you have just joined in Oct 18, for some of us like me it took 2 months to get a buyer request. It just matter of time. Keep patience and be positive. It takes time.
Secondly, keep refreshing Buyer Request section.
All the best !


This is very strange…as beofre i had another account, and once i’ve opened it i started to have requests.but it was a year ago…now…no any chance :confused:


spent most of your time on forum and if your are new like me so you won’t get more buyer requests on fiverr , for getting buyer requests you should spend more time on fiverr,
Thanks ,