⏵⏵⏵ I don't have Live Portfolio. Why? ⏴⏴⏴


Hello, I’m quite a new guy here on Fiverr - only a few months.

For the whole time I’m here and my gigs exist I never had a so called Live Portfolio, although as I understand other Sellers do have it and actually it’s a powerfull promotion tool.

When I’m delivering my order THERE IS an option to insert the image for Live Portfolio - I did this not once, but still I don’t have it anywhere else on my profile or gig.

The question is: How to turn this Live Portfolio on and thus to make my gig even more attractive?

Thanks in advance


P.S. I’m sorry if I created the topic in a wrong category. If so, I will change it immediately.


If you insert image for your Live Portfolio you will not see until the client is allowed,
Some time client keep it works as private so they do not allow its preview …
There is an option on client site to allow or do not allow its preview on your Portfolio…


I think this feature is only available for the TRS so don’t worry you can upload your previous work on flicker and use Flicker Link on your gig.