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I don't have my real information can i still verify

Hello i am a fiverr seller not that old nor that new have several accounts my problem is i don’t like putting my personal information into anything i don’t put my personal information on all the websites and this like my 3rd account and i always get orders and get good but i can’t expand cause fiverr always asks me to verify who i am , although firstly i can’t verify my identity cause the website that they redirct me to doesn’t work and 2nd if i did verify should the credentials meet the information that i putted in fiverr and well they go public cause like i said i can’t stand putting my real information i can prove who i am but i can’t write my real name and put my real photo i like privacy a lot,
please if any fiverr support can respond to me and give me instructions so i can use their website to approve my self i will be so happy,

Hi. Fiverr support doesn’t respond to forum threads, you’ll have to send them a ticket:

I don’t think the username matters (unless you actively used the name of someone else vs. making one up), as you surely have noticed, there are people with all kinds of usernames, my username isn’t my name either, Fiverr has my full name but that’s not public information, only Fiverr will see it.

The photo however - so you’re saying you aren’t using your own photo but that of some other person because you value your privacy? That’s a big no, of course, both because you most probably didn’t ask the person for their permission and also because it’s against Fiverr’s terms.
If you don’t want to use a photo of yourself, use a photo of the landscape in front of your house or whatever (some photo you’re not in but that you have all rights to use) or a logo (create one yourself or order one, again, don’t use any material that others have the rights to and you not) but not the photo of other people. You can’t stand putting your own info and photo? Well, I have news for you, some people can’t stand others taking their photos and using it for their own gains, and they might value their privacy too.
Better change your profile pic to something you really are allowed to use and keep it that way before you’ll contact support or before your account might get restricted and you can’t change the pic anymore. If they see you’re using not your own photo, that could lead to a warning or ban.

Oh thank you a lot , well for the photo it is of my friend and he allowed me to use it but you are right i will change to a logo that i made , thank you a lot for your help