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I don't have order

dear friend, can you help me about that. Thank you

only you can help yourself mostly.
we just suggest. but you have to follow the suggestion and have to add it on your works.
so many tips are there.check each and every and apply


Thank you very much bro

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What happen dear…?

Stop calling people dear, please. Extremely unprofessional.

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Keep post your gig on social media and reply to buyer request. Also you should maintain your gig to standard that buyers are willing to buy. Read all the Fiverr forum articles. There huge tips and tricks to get order

@pedromleitao Yes Sir! :grin::grin::grin:

Try to edit your gig tags , share your gigs on social media.
Keep working hard.
Good luck

you have to work hard.share your gigs on social media.

i also do not have order also guys

I’m sorry to hear that. What have you been doing to make orders more of a possibility for you?

i have been using BR almost every day but no respond now

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Keep on trying and make sure your price is not outrageous

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I have to mention this because it is still a thing on this forum: You’ve only been on Fiverr for as long as I can tell, less than a week. Yaaemelia has only been here for less than a month. You’re not going to jump on Fiverr and immediately get orders, you’re simply not.

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Yeah, I see you’re helping yourself by hijacking the thread. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: If you want to promote your Fiverr gigs do so in My Fiverr Gigs section. Edit :pencil: your post before the community flag it.


I love this… Well give it sometime, advertize your gigs on social media and use buyers request tool to your advantage!

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Hi Nika! Long time, no see! :slight_smile:

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Hey Lucy, :tulip:

It’s good to see you, the forum missed your presence. :sunglasses:
Stop by more often! :wink:

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I should, I was bored so that’s why I came here for a minute. I would stay longer, but I don’t want to be banned and constantly flagged for non-offensive content. But I probably sill stop by more regularly, I get to help a few people in my downtime, and that is always good.