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I don't have PayPal Account yet, So can Fiverr store my Balance/Earning

Guys I’m new on Fiverr. I really like this website. But one thing I cant understand ; I don’t have PayPal account, So when someone buy my product/gig then where my earning/balance stores?? On Fiverr store or I’ll lost that??

no,its stored in fiverr,i have a paypal after 2 month joined fiverr,once you have paypal you can withdraw that money :slight_smile:

it will stored in fiverr. You can withdraw any time when ever you have PP account. You also can apply for fiverr revenue card right from your revenue page.


you can’t activate paypal account in Pakistan, so apply for fiverr revenue card, as i did, and get my card few days back

Reply to @ramademon: thanks…

Thanks everyone for reply…:slight_smile:

Fiverr can store but it is advised that don’t trust online platform for long time. Create a paypal account asap.