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I don't have received any order from one year? why

i don’t have received any order from one year? why
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don’t know bro :joy:
how you ask such question?

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When i want to take first order? please help me

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There are some things you must follow to get an order

  • Be online as much as you can. I suggest 12 hours +
  • Create all gig in the topic which you know best
  • The gig image must be attractive
  • The description also must be attractive

Those things will help you


nice idea for new comers

One of the factors is that you are using the most crowded categories in an entire Fiverr page. There are thousands upon thousands of Sellers on that and I do not recommend selling on that category. Be creative, maybe you will find a fresh category?


Its totally wrong. Anyone can choose any category. Just be active and fiverr will give you ranking soon

slow and steady wins the race!

I didn’t say anything about category limitations by any means. And you are wrong. If this guy didn’t get any orders within 1 Year, then explain how even slower he has to be?

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i think its all about quality with professional work.please make your gig more professional.keep patience and work hard…Best of luck … :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Its nice to see you post after two years :smile:

can you see my gig, and plz tell me what is problem my gig

Publish all the 7 gigs and Be active daily 10 hour+
Inshaallah you will get order soon. I will also highly suggest to publish all in 7 gig in next 3-4 days.

I also mean that he have to be active. If you open an account and daily visit it for 5 minutes and left than why Fiverr will give you ranking?